Studio Diary: September 2018


Thou its half way through October I thought I would just fill you all in what has been happen with the studio nerds at Mind Flux. 

Aquatic Sky

Across the month we have been working with NYC based hip hop instrumentalist Navdeep. It has been a real pleasure listening to his lush melodies supported by slamming drums. 

The track was released on the 18th you can view the video here.



We have also rustled up a good partnership with the folks over at Datacode. The first pack “Focus: Serum Techno” that we have created for them has already shot up the beatport charts into the top 10 and there is more to come this month. 

If you would like to check out the serum techno pack click here

Sound Bundle 


On more sound design news we released our very own Ableton Techno Preset Bundle which you can check out here. 

Old School Techno

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 21.20.22.png

Lastly, it was a great pleasure to mix our old friend Nik Mac, new Detroit esk techno tunes. These track are full of gritty punching drums, thick bass lines and authentic Detroit chords. From what we know there is no release date but we will let you all know when we know, as they are top tunes and you have to hear them. 

And if you are looking for more help on your productions, mixes and masters please check out our services bellow.