Studio Diary: July 2018


Here at Mind Flux we have decided that we are going to share the musical adventures that happen each month so you can have a gander at the inner workings of our studio life. Thou a tad late here is the top going on in the studio last month.


This project was something different, normally I am asked to mix and or master house and techno tracks which don’t get me wrong I love both these genres but its always nice to have a change and what a change this was. 

This track was a truly special track full of rich evolving textures and musical elements and a solid trip hop esque beat. 

Inversion is something I am sure you are all going to love.

Roland 101 Multi Samples


We have been slowly collecting a range of multi-samples from the epically amazing Roland sh101 which we will hope to release some time next year. 


Screenshot 2018-08-16 14.35.46.png

Now, this was more back to what my bread and butter are in terms of mixing and mastering. It was a pure electro techno banger which I am sure you will hear in a club near you in the year to come.

Maschine MK3

And we are currently testing the NI machine mk3 which having had the mk1 (which I really did not like) has really one me over. The workflow is some what similar to Abletons push 2 which I am a huge fan off as well as being able to load samples, instruments and program midi just as easy. The added advantage is the arranger view and the way the pattern and scenes all work. 

Dark Warehouse Techno

Lastly, we have released our brand new sample pack Dark Warehouse Techno sample pack which has used a range of classic synths and drum machine as well as some new sound design techniques to create a one-stop shop for your dark techno productions.