BJORNE Of Norway

This was my first music project with Michael and I was delighted how the BJORNE Of Norway track turned out,  It was exactly how I envisioned it in my mind from the beginning.  Michael is really professional to work with and he totally got my vision on the first attempt!  The whole process was really creative and fun.  I can’t wait to make more tunes together!

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Samantha Blackburn ( Mind Ability Records)

I loved working with Michael, he is quick, professional and easy to work with. I find it hard to work in a studio but he made it easy and comfortable. 
Michael understood what I wanted and how to go about it. I didnt feel at any point I couldn't give my input. I will def use his skills and service in the future. Totally recommend!

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Michael L Penman
Camille (Toolroom)

I've been working with Michael for the past couple of months, he has an expansive knowledge in electronic music, wether it be Ableton, Music Theory, Mixing & Mastering, arrangement and much more. He is very patient and will take the time to understand where you're at in your process either with a track or in general. Highly recommended, get in touch with him!

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