Questionable Nature by Michael L Penman & Killed Kassette

King of the Mind Flux Nerds, Michael Penman, has teamed up with the hugely talented KMS Records regular, Killed Kassette, to bring you ‘Questionable Nature’ - the Tech-House/Dub infusion that is sure to take you on a transcendental journey into the deepest realms of your own mind.

‘Questionable Nature’ features an addictive, atmospheric drum groove, deep rolling
bassline, transcendent modulated lead and rich vocals that have become synonymous with the Mind Flux Studios.

If that doesn’t wet your appetite enough, ‘Questionable Nature’ is being GIVEN AWAY!

That’s right, it is 100% FREE!

And the goodwill doesn’t end there…

Michael and Killed Kassette have also decided to include a set of Ableton presets, hosted in a Live pack, so you can remix until your heart’s content!

This amazing Live Pack contains:-
- the bass from the Moog Minitaur
- Juno 6 dub synth lead line
- Korg Monopoly pad
- vocal cuts
- and a drum rack to host the variety of drum hits.

So, if you feel like injecting the sounds in your own production, go ahead!

Lastly, if you’re a fan of the Native Instruments fun live DJ tool, included are a set of stem tracks to help you remix the track live.

Talk about having all bases covered!