Ableton Drum Enhancers

Ableton Drum Enhancers


Do your drums lack that je ne sais quoi? 

NEWSFLASH! You’re not alone! We all know punchy drums can take a track from being “ok” to “fantastic”

You will often hear ok that melody was dope, but did you hear those drums though!” and we believe every music producer should have access to the punchiest drums in the Electronic universe. 
Until now, the ‘punchy drums’ have been somewhat mythical to many of us mere mortals, but now it’s all about to change… 

Introducing Mind Flux’s “Ableton Drum Enhancers”

ncluded within this monumental pack are 10 Ableton Audio Effect racks including:

Beefed Up Drums

“Beefed Up Drums” allows you to:
- Boost your kick’s low end to, giving it that subsonic ‘boom’ quality
- Emphasise the high end with “Shinny”
- And compress the all lot, which not only tightens up your sounds, but also adds some ferocious force to your drum loops.
- In addition, why not try running your signal through some analog circuits and noise to at that Old Skool vibe.

Vintage Drums

”Vintage Drums” focusses on:
- Creating crunchy hits with a prominent high end that cuts through, adding some serious ‘snap’ to your loops and hits.
- You can also use the 8Bit macro to add retro flavor.

Drum Enhancement

“Drum Enhancement” serves to:
Richen the low end of your kick
Add presence to the high end
As well as providing drive, depth and clarity to your overall sound
This is the ideal effect to use as your “Drum Bus”

Not displayed above but also included in the pack are a selection of Audio Effects Racks that focus on enhancing and adding flair to all of your core drum sounds, e.g. Kick, snare, percussion, hi-hats, etc.
As per all of the effects racks, the last two macros are assigned to your signal’s input gain and output gain, allowing you to reign in a louder loop or, conversely, boost a quieter loop.
Please note the demo/preview is presented as four bars of the dry signal and 4 bars of the wet signal (with the audio effect rack on)

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