Juno 6 Synth Shots

Juno 6 Synth Shots


A few months ago a Roland Juno 6 magically appeared* in the Mind Flux Nerds’ studio (we’re not sure how it got there... naughty Mind Flux Nerds) and, since that day, they’ve barely emerged from their studio.

The terrible trio have been working tirelessly to create an essential collection comprising of the 100 best shots the Juno 6 has to offer!

There are deep bass lines, lush pads and glittery plucks; all of which which will bring an instant warmth to your tracks.

To all the Ableton users out there to make life easier for you, each of the 100 synth one shots have been loaded into Ableton’s classic simpler so it’s 100% ready to use on any of your productions.

To all other DAW users Unlucky... Just kidding. We’ve provided the audio of all 100 shots and even included 35 midi loops, just be- cause we appreciate you

Please note that the drums in the preview are from our Dark Techno, Detroit Techno and Rolling Techno sample packs. Also, note you will need Ableton 9.7 or above.

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