Rolling Dark Techno

Rolling Dark Techno


The team of audio nerds at the Mind Flux studios have been exploring the darker world of techno for their newest sample pack.

Loops and Hits have been rolling out from a whole host of classic synths and drum machines like the Roland sh101, 303, juno6 tr8, tr9, 505, Moog Voyager, Minitaur and the access virus. All the sounds have been processed through a series of outboard gear, like the Neve 8816, 1073pre, SSL EQ and various guitar pedals. 

This all helps add tone, texture and warmth to your productions helping you carve your own way into the world of techno.

Included in the pack are:

  • Bass Loops: 11
  • Drum Loops: 77
  • FX: 9
  • Glitch Loops: 11
  • Synth Loops: 19
  • Texture Loops: 11
  • Vocal Loops: 12
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