So you have had a hard ol’ slog to get your productions and mix as tight as possible but for some reason your tracks just don’t stand up to the competition. It may just be in need of some mastering to put the final touches to your masterpiece

  • This is the final check before your music is sent out into the world so we will work with you to smooth out any errors that may affect the quality of the final product  

  • We devote much time with artists in order to understand their final vision

  • With the ever changing music listening environment we can provide a selection of masters for a wide range of music media such as but not limited to CD, vinyl, Spotify, Apple music, Beatport. 

  • Our in house engineers will also take care of all your coding which will allow the world to see who was all involved with the track's adventure

Service Types: 

Stereo Mastering
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Stem Mastering
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What you need to do?

  • Bounce at 24 Bit wav, with a sample rate 48kHz or above

  • 6dB headroom

  • Text document with all the track details ( the exact details will be provided on email)

  • Reference tracks via a folder with the download but a Spotify place list is also welcome

On Payment:

Once you have paid you will get a email with the following information:

  • Would you like to attended the session

  • If so what days and or time would suit you 

  • A list of instructions how to bounce your project and transfer them


Just had my recent track mastered by Michael and I’m very happy with the result good quality in all aspects. He has a great knowledge about softwares and hardwares concerning electronic music and he is a great tutor as well - highly recommended!
— August Lund
Extremely good mixing & mastering engineer! Really happy with the results! :)
I have been a client of michael these days, and I was really satisfied, for the master, on my track! certainly continue to be a client of his! really great quality and professionalism!! thanks mike.
— Luca Accardi

If you have any questions feel free to email us

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