Do you have some killer ideas but lack the time and knowledge to get your tracks absolutely banging and ready for release?

If so, here at Mind Flux studios we can inject a rocket into your comatose tracks giving you a truly colossal production that will have labels clambering over each other to sign you

  • Mixing is the process after the producer is satisfied with the instrumentation, sound design, structure, and arrangement

  • EQ, compression, distortion and time-based effects like delay & reverb are used to enhance the production.  

  • Levelling, panning, and summing is the final stage of the mix session to allow each instrument to sit perfectly together

  • We will aim to achieve your vision which will give your music the best possible chance to rise above the competition

Service Types:

We offer a range of mixing services to help suit your needs. The options offered at Mind Flux are: 


  • This is totally in the box using a wide range of high quality plug ins from the likes of sound toys, universal audio, and waves 

  • This process gives you the ability to quickly recall the session and make tweaks. The disadvantage of using the full digital in the box option is that you will not get the lush textures from the Neve which provides a huge amount of warmth and dimension to a track.

  • With the digital option, you will get two revisions

  • The session can be Attended or Unattended  

  • Payment is for 5 a hour mix session, it will be £20 (per hour) after that.

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Digital/Analog hybrid: 

  • This gives you the best of both worlds - warmth and precision

  • The ability to use high end third party plug ins to sculpt your sounds to perfection.  With an easy recall system as well as achieving the classic huge sound of the Neve this could be the option for you

  • With an easy recall system as well as achieving the classic huge sound of the Neve this is the option for you. 

  • The Neve 8816 helps open up your sound with a depth and warmth that the digital world cannot come close to

  • The session can be Attended or Unattended.  

  • With this option you will only get 1 revision.

  • Payment is for 5 a hour mix session, it will be £20 (per hour) after that.

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  • If you desire the classic sound of the Neve then we also have the fully analog option open to you via a secret studio space with a VR console 

  • Rich analogue compression

  • Deep delays and reverb 

  • Sparklingly analogue EQ

  • Please note as there are no revisions for this option you are best advised to attend.   

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What you need to do?

  • Each instrument has its own file - kick, hi hat, bass etc

  • Bounce at 24 Bit wav, with a sample rate 48kHz or above.

  • Ensure drums are tuned to the scale of the track

  • That all audio is edited and there is no pops and clicks in the files

  • 6dB headroom on each instrument channel

  •  If an instrument is mono only provide a mono stem  

  • Although when a instrument has stereo effect processing such as reverb and delay make the stem stereo

  • On that note if you have worked hard to get a certain sound by adding compression, delay, reverb etc it will be best to leave this on your instruments

  • If you are unsure you can provide a Dry (without effect processing) and Wet (with effect processing) to give our engineers as much choice as possible

  • Text document with all the track details (the exact details will be provided on email)

  • Reference tracks via a folder with the download but a Spotify play list is also welcome

Note if your production and or sound design is not correct you may not get the result you would like. This is because mixing sweetens the process but doesn't design the sounds.  If you need extra production and/or sound design help we can of course provide that.

On Payment:

Once you have paid you will get a email with the following information:

  • Would you like to attended the session

  • If so what days and or time would suit you 

  • A list of instructions how to bounce your project and transfer them

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