Sound A Like: Ene Nyame Nam 'A' Mensuro (Henrick Schwartz Blend) Part 1 & 2

For Mind Flux’s newest blog series we have decided to open it up to the floor and ask our followers and friends what they would like to learn. And one request really stood out.

This request was to show how you could go about recreating Pat Thomas & Ebo Taylor - Ene Nyame Nam 'A' Mensuro (Henrick Schwartz Blend Mix).

In the video we have aimed to show you ways to analyze music and to then create the sounds using soft synths and audio effects. We will also aim to show you how to use the sounds and loops created to manipulate them to fit into your productions.

This sound-alike is split into 3 videos

  • Video 1: Analyse, bass and drums.

  • Video 2: Keys, horns and vocals

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